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Rhythm of Life

Capture the Eye and Imagination

Australian-born artist Anne-Marie Leon began sketching as a child, and was strongly interested in art during her high school years. However, as the daughter of a sheep shearer and nurse, she focused on a more practical career, and became a nurse herself. As an adult, she moved to Toronto in 1979, and again took up her childhood love, in the form of classes at the Royal Ontario Museum. It was here that she discovered her natural ability. She moved from Florida to Colorado in the late eighties. She currently lives and works in beautiful Seattle, Wash.

Anne-Marie's unique and captivating style reflects her enjoyment of playing with her medium of Watercolor. She divides her subjects into cells of color which she prefers to think of as cells of "light". Then, using grids, she divides the page into squares, to correlate with the cells from the subject source. In this respect, Anne-Marie feels as if she were tackling a jigsaw puzzle, never knowing the "complete picture" until the last piece is in place. In the end, this "stained glass" appearance suggests a fragmented energy which lends a unique vibrancy to the composition. Striving to make her creations "drip with light and color", she thrives on unusual and unrealistic combinations of hues, yet holding fast to the teachings of the Masters with regard to composition.

Anne-Marie's time devoted to the care of humanity in nursing partly led her to the consistent choosing of subjects which express peace, compassion, and freedom. She feels that animals portray an innocence that many people can enjoy and relate to. However, her subjects have varied from the depletion of endangered Australian animals to the Grand Canyon to the historical plights of women .

Her "watercolor with a difference" captures the eye and imagination immediately bringing suspension to the observer, as the viewer finds vibrant pieces - miniature abstracts - making up the fantastic whole, taking the experience of her artwork from mere perception to an evolution of exploration, as the awareness of her creations unfold within the mind, heart, and eyes of the beholder.

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Anne Marie