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Work Philosophy:

  • As a Principal Software Architect at BlazeMetrics, I am passionate about elegant and efficient software design, development of thorough test cases and comprehensive turnkey solutions that require a multitude of skills.
  • Other interests and skills are: piano improvisation in a wide range of styles, participating in discussions and brainstorming on how we can create a better world by reducing our population footprint. I created a World Population Simulator for helping understand population momentum.


  • Image analysis for real-time Microscopy
  • Algorithm optimization
  • Cross-platform Windows and Ubuntu desktop applications in C++ and Web-based front-end for maximum design freedom
  • Custom Javascript GUI components
  • Web-site design and implementation
  • Single-page Web Applications (SPA). In fact this portfolio site is an SPA as it does not require page-reloads when moving between pages.
  • Interfacing to camera hardware for vision applications

5+ Years Experience in:

  • HTML5, CSS3, JS
  • jQuery, jQueryMobile, jQueryUI
  • PHP, Wordpress (designing wordpress themes from scratch)
  • C++ development using Qt

1 Year Experience in:

  • Database Design (MySQL)
  • Java
  • C#

Code Samples:

  • See Portfolio --> Javascript Mini Projects
  • Ongoing contributions at the developer skill-sharing site


This very portfolio site

Demonstrated Skills: Responsive Design, Straight PHP, but written as Single-Page Web Application (SPA), except for the re-load for the contact page. Contact page has a human-user verification implemented from the ground up.

Eventually even the contact page will get a pure Ajax without requiring a page reload.

Website for a local Seattle Yoga Studio

Took what was a very old style HTML site and refactored it with PHP header/footer and various PHP sub-components and cleaned up an old mess of inline styles and replaced with style sheet.

Demonstrated Skills: Straight PHP, re-design and refactor from HTML to PHP, couple of neat CSS tricks.

Eventually, I will transition this site to wordpress, while preserving its look and feel.

Website for Non-profit CREOI

Demonstrated Skills: Wordpress, custom taxonomies, multi-language support, responsive Design.

Website for

Demonstrated Skills: Javascript for visualization, simulation.

Javascript, Demo Projects

Developed during my Advanced Javascript + jQuery class at Seattle Central College

Demonstrated Skills: Intermediate to Advanced jQuery, AJAX, Responsive Design

  1. Skill Game, written in jQueryUI
  2. Slideshow, done from Scratch
  3. Nicely styled Coffeeshop E-commerce Front-end (see picture to the right)
  4. Input masks and client-side data verification
  5. Book-Sellers site, Just-in-time loading and navigation without refresh, using AJAX

Wordpress + Github Tutorials

Developed during development of a Non-profit website as part of a class project at Seattle Central College

Demonstrated Skills: Technical Writing and Documentation skills, Intermediate WordPress skills, Intermediate Github Skills

Protosite for a local visual Artist

Anne-Marie is a Seattle-based Artist who sells her own Art and prints. This proto-site was built from scratch and makes heavy use of CSS to create responsive mouse-over effect without relying on Javascript at all.

Demonstrated Skills: HTML5, CSS3, PHP

John Daugherty Realty

I added an elaborate PHP parser that parsed a poorly formatted plaintext Restaurant listing into a well formatted table with live links. They previously had to go through an elaborate hand editing once a year to put it into this table format. Work done through internship with Neutrino Inc.

Demonstrated Skills: complicated PHP regular expression matching, File I/O, HTML Tables

One Sotheby's Real Estate

I added an image converter to the administrative part of the site that converts uploaded realtor-images to black/white automatically. Sotheby's preferred black/white images for all their realtors but realtors kept uploading their colored images. I used PHP's image conversion library to perform the conversion. Work done through internship with Neutrino Inc.

Demonstrated Skills: Use of PHP image conversion utility

Seaglass Properties

I added a feature to this site which allowed the correct regional tab to come up depending on which geographical location the customer was in. For that I needed to make PHP requests to a third party web service that provided location data based on IP-address. Work done through internship with Neutrino Inc.

Demonstrated Skills: learn to use third party web service with PHP

Mettler-Toledo, Signal Processing, C++ work

Develop new Signal Processing Methods to create particle size measurements that are less concentration dependent. Eliminate stuck particles from Measurement. Real-time detect Particles with Image Analysis

Demonstrated Skills: Bring creative non-obvious solutions to complex engineering problems. C++, Visual C++, Embedded Systems.